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It was good and everything and i dont mean this in any bad way or anything but the intro was kinda long and the whole thing was kinda long a lot longer than it needed to be it liked it and everything its just that the length made it a little boring

didnt like it

nope didn't like it at all it wasn't original or anything you need to really think of something better to do with your time this piece of work seemed like it took like a second to make and wasn't funny at all.. all it was, was a non funny remake of something that was never funny in the first place... if you are going to remake something be sure that the thing your remaking is funny and after you make it make sure that what you have made is as funny if not funnier that the first thing otherwise its just a waste of time for you to make and for everyone else to watch. its no fun watching something that is boring especially when i didn't like the original piece in the first place. this was an all out disappointment i am really saddened that you would deliberately take the time to actually remake something that is completely and utterly ridiculous and no where close to humerus in the first place man i mean what are you 12 like seriously dood this is the biggest waste of time i have ever seen i have seen babies eating and been more entertained than when i watched this the fact that you took something soo old too and remade it like it was something that everyone was talking about like yesterday is completely out of wack to i cant believe that people still even think about that badger shit it isnt funny at all just like it was never funny i dont appreciate the time you had me waste by watching this video i am very very deeply disappointed and saddened that you would waste your own time to make such a stupid idiotic and pointless piece of work... there is nothing at all(i repeat) nothing at all entertaining about this flash the only thing i have enjoyed about this flash was making this extremely long review i have had more fun sitting here writing this completely mundane review than watching your flash i find that very sad that someone like me has more fun typing a stupid review that actually watching the flash.... actually now im just having fun im typing this with my eyes closed so if there are spelling errprs then i am greatly sorry for i can not see and am not going to check my words later after i open my eyes otherwise it wouldnt even seem like i had my eyes closed anyway even though i am a master typer and you would barely be able to tell when my eyes are closed or not. now my eyes are open again and i have exactly 1,737 charaters left right when i was typing the number of charaters that is exactly how many i had left.. dood if i were you i would feel extremely blessed and happy not because of this horrible video that you made but simply because i have left such a long review for you man... this is the first and probably the last time i will ever do something like this for anyone else ever again but i might copy and paste this in someone elses review box just because this is under judgement and since it is such a bad sad and horrible remake of an already horrible flash now i am not saying that you are bad at making flashes at all.. i want you to realize just exactly what i am saying. i am actually saying that you can do soooo much better than this piece of shit flash that you have made and i am a little dissapointed frankly that you wasted your sweet time making this abomination rather than making a work of art. this flash has no good qualities or properties or anything to it, it is simply just another boring flash that will probably get passed because of the larg amount of dumbasses who vote well for videos like this.. i wish people would open their eyes and understand that someone like you can do soo much better at making flashes i wish you could open your eyes and see the same thing man it really really deeply bothers me man i cant say it or stress i enough that you are wasting a talent making poor flashs like this stupid ass badger remake when you could be out the creating the new salad fingers or something brilliant like that i mean unless you dont think you are up to the challange man if i were you i would but owneing the hell out of these flashes with my skillz man and you should too well im running out of characters

too many penises

Way to many penises

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didnt like it

i really didnt like it.. its just the same as any other dress up something game and some of the clothes didnt even fit the guy right so yea....

Need Music but its good

fun but after a while it seems like it need some music

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DOPE shit bro fo sho

sorry man

sorry man just not a fan of this one it kinda gave me a worse headache than i alraedy have

awesome again man

i like this one better than the other one but still jus a lil short unless thats what your goim for

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