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Hey yo

2009-02-07 03:52:05 by LedZeppelinluver180

Check out my music


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2009-04-06 18:23:45

dont listen to zawfish, keep doing what your doing dude, soon you will be great :D

LedZeppelinluver180 responds:

for sure man thanks dood i appreciate it hes just a douche


2009-05-27 17:44:47

NICE. I really like Take it Easy. I'm checkin out your other stuff right now!

(Updated ) LedZeppelinluver180 responds:

hey man thanks dood i like really appreciate it man


2009-10-17 16:25:34

I just have a little comment on Mellow Evening (Preview), but I can't be bothered to write full review when I only feel like mentioning one thingie.

Well. Don't do that panning thing, it's really annoying. You can let individual instrument's panning change up, but not the whole thing, and also, don't got to fully to the left or fully to right, it gives a pretty disturbing feeling when listening on headphones. Hope that helps.

LedZeppelinluver180 responds:

okay for sure man thanks a bunch ill change it when i go back to finish the whole song thanks again for the advice thats why i put my music up first so i can get feed back